Our Story

 Starting in 2020, Pokepath began as two Pokémon obsessed friends searched for a new way to share their enthusiasm for the hobby because it had caused them some trouble in the workplace. At first, Edgar and Ryan set out to open cards together via live stream. Then Ryan's fiancé Kirsten joined the team and began the journey of turning this hobby into a dream job (we are still on that journey). Since Pokepath has blossomed into a business with many branches, including regular live streams on the app Whanot, this website you are currently visiting, and finally social media content on all the major platforms.

Why shop with us?

   As collectors, we felt the community needed a place where you could purchase Japan's Pokémon products from a safe, reliable, and fairly priced store. That's exactly what we aim to be. We also wanted to make Japan's unique trading card products more widely available. Our goal is to have a store filled with unique and quality items that will make even the most experienced collector excited.

Questions or concerns?

Please reach out to us at support@pokepath.co

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